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What is a Family Constellation?arrow

Where does Family Constellations come from?

Why is the past so important?

What happens in a Family Constellation?

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Can Family Constellations help with illness?

Can I have a Family Constellation if I’m on
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What is a Family Constellation?

Family Constellations enables us to see our family as a whole group. It shows the hidden dynamics within this group that may be affecting our lives.

We might have tried to resolve our issues by various means, but then notice they continue to reappear again. It’s as if there’s something we’re not seeing, something that’s keeping us held back.

Family Constellations is an effective way to view our family and relationships from a wider perspective. From this place we can acknowledge things that we may not have been able to see before, either because they have been too painful to look at or we have been too close to see them properly.

When we see ourselves from this wider perspective, we also see our place as part of the ‘family group’. We notice where we are entangled in the family group, whom we identify with in this entanglement and how it affects our life.

With this deep level of acknowledgment we are able to understand ourselves that much better and find new solutions to move forward.