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What is a Family Constellation?

Where does Family Constellations come from?

Why is the past so important?

What happens in a Family Constellation?arrow

How many sessions will I need?

Can Family Constellations help with illness?

Can I have a Family Constellation if I’m on
medication or seeing other health professionals?


What happens in a Family Constellation?

The main focus of a Constellation is to work towards what your heart truly desires. We look at the issues at hand and start to see where they may reside in your family system.

As we look at your family system, you are encouraged to bring attention to your body’s sensations and your physical experience. This will help you to identify where family issues are held in your body and to feel emotions that may have been stuck for a long time.

This, in itself, is empowering. You start to discover yourself anew… a new sense of strength and health.

This process ultimately resources you so you can move towards what you naturally desire.