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What is a Family Constellation?

Where does Family Constellations come from?

Why is the past so important?arrow

What happens in a Family Constellation?

How many sessions will I need?

Can Family Constellations help with illness?

Can I have a Family Constellation if I’m on
medication or seeing other health professionals?


Why is the past so important?

In his work with several thousand families, Bert Hellinger uncovered ‘Orders of Love’ that were deeply embedded in the unconscious of family groups.

Disturbances in these orders and in our sense of belonging that is essential for well-being, cause dysfunctional patterns to reappear generation after generation.

Events that have great influence on family patterns are:

Sometimes our way of belonging is to suffer like those who came before us. Hellinger attributes this to the ‘blind love’ of a child unconsciously seeking to redress some imbalance from the past. One may become ‘entangled’ in the difficult fate of an ancestor and unconsciously draw unhappiness, failure, addiction or illness into one’s own life.

The purpose of a Family Constellation is to reveal the hidden dynamic of the past and point the way toward resolution.