Question 6


What is a Family Constellation?

Where does Family Constellations come from?

Why is the past so important?

What happens in a Family Constellation?

How many sessions will I need?

Can Family Constellations help with illness?arrow

Can I have a Family Constellation if I’m on
medication or seeing other health professionals?


Can Family Constellations help with illness?

Health is of course not only bound to the physical realm, but is an emotional, mental and spiritual experience, too.

As we ‘re-member’ our family history and where we come from, a deep breath of acknowledgment occurs within our body and to some extent within our whole family system. This in-breath of life encourages health.

This may at first become apparent on a spiritual level as a deep sense of wellbeing.

Emotionally, we may feel a renewed sense of resilience and a greater pallet of resource in our daily life.

The physical level of health is often experienced last. Stuck emotions and feelings are held in our bodies, often inherited from previous generations, and imprinted in our body’s cells. With a new flow of felt emotions and feelings, stuck cellular imprints are eroded away and we experience a healthy movement of energy in the body, what the Chinese call ‘Chi’.

These physical changes in the body can be felt immediately but the integration of our new awareness into our daily lives can take time and is helped by a good sense of self-awareness.